Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Apologize,,

I apologize to Ms. Eva and Ms. Bernie for deleting  their comment!

With my earlier draft I had mentioned that I would not publish comments on the previous post because of the "Political" nature of its content.

I was mistaken, thinking that I could put hold the comments "on hold" after posting.  Now I know that can't be done.

Again, Ms. Eva and Ms. Bernie,, I apologize


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not Politics at Stake Here,,,just OUR PRIVICY and LIBERTY

I know that writing about POLITICS is a BAAAADDDD thing to do on a blog,,but PLEASE Read this and have a comment even if you don't post one.  Am I just being an OLD FOGGIE Codger or does anyone else see this as an intentional chipping away at our PRIVACY and LIBERTIES??

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Serching for the On-ramp to Blog Return

To quote Mark Twain, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.  I am still around and looking back over the past year, I think it has been the most varied and busy one so far.

“All’yall” which is plural for “everyone”, if you live in the south, remember the tale of my Christmas night episode and the following several weeks.  The Boss had a full time “patient” to look after (me) for several weeks.  What you probably don’t know is that her dad, which was 92, became ill and was in and out of the hospital during this time frame.  Sadly, he passed away in June, but things were ok with him about his journey.  He had prepared for this situation which was a great part of his personality but it is not a short and easy process taking care of a person’s affairs.  The Boss had a large bundle to tote with all the legal and personal affairs of which needed tending.

 About three years ago my middle daughter adopted a one year old little boy from Russia. Then she, last year,  went through the process of adopting a newborn infant.   The mother changed her mind after the baby’s birth and the disappointment fueled the idea of another adoption.  She decided that an overseas adoption was less likely for the mother to “back-out”.  An adoption agency found a baby boy in The Republic of Congo and the process was started again.  A while into the adoption, the agency called my daughter and said, “We have access to another infant the same age but not the sister of the little boy”.  “Sure, why not”, my daughter’s instant reply.  Sooo, the two infants,  got here around middle summer.  The little girl, Adina, had a severe case of pneumonia.  We doubt that she was getting treatment in the Congo.  Pics to the left show "arrival" and then three months later.

My only “demand” was that she was not going to The Republic of Congo, having the other two to take care of.  Ye’uh , right, I have that much “say-so”, but as it turns out, her husband and his sister took the trip, was in the Congo for a week, several unexplained, to us, situations about getting out of there, the brave two young people got on a plane to Houston.  Immediately off the plane and directly to a hospital after the plane landed in Houston, then we could breathe a lot easier.   Treatment and a proper diet have allowed the little flowers to bloom.  I think that from this point forward I shall refer to them as my little “Menagerie of Mischief”.


Since my “episode”, I have felt soooo much better that I have accumulated a long list of things that needed tended around the old home place, re-roofing the barn, cleaning out the barn (6 pickup loads), general cleanup and trimming,,,oh and The Boss’s deck (added a storeroom to put left over stuff from her dad’s house, and ours)… guess what? Not much blogging or writing although I am still involved with The East Texas Writers Guild.  I hope to get back into “the stories” soon. 

I hope everyone is doing great, or at least OK.  I try to keep up with reading the posts, but have done a less that adequate job of commenting.