Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe you Know,,Maybe Not

I am not a writer nor am I a storyteller, but I enjoy folks that are. All of you are these and each of us has the opportunity to jump around from blog to blog and enjoy these stories. From time to time I reference artists that are outside our blogging family and they are of interest to ME and I think that you all might have not heard of them and would enjoy their work.

I cannot remember the chicken and egg scenario between Whole Wheat Radio  and
Woodsongs Oldtime Radio Hour. Whole Wheat Radio is a computer based radio station in Talkeetna, Alaska. It was started by a computer guru and his soul mate. Jim Kloss and Ester Golton moved to Alaska and built a 12 x12 cabin and started their own radio station promoting only self produced music. It is carried on internet only. It does not produce any radio “waves”. It has grown beyond that first small cabin and you can research their journey if you have the interest. Woodsongs Oldtime Radio Hour is the brain child of Michael Johnathon and is produced at the Lexington Theater in Lexington Ky. It has a folk theme and it is produced by all volunteer staff as well as the performers. The theater is actually two movie houses that have been refurbished. The Boss and I stopped in on our way to Virginia Beach on our past vacation to tour the beautiful buildings.

Both of these outlets are a treasure chest of brilliance. I have no favorites, but one artist that you may not have heard of came to light via Woodsongs. Minton Sparks is a talented lady that tells stories, set with background music. She tells about things she has experienced in her past. If you would like to hear her perform, click on the Woodsongs link and then jump to “archives”. Scroll down to number #490 and click on the WMV icon and that show will download onto your computer. She shares the show with Jakob Dylan.  You can “drag” the player time button over to her performance if you are not interested in Mr. Dylan. Minton Sparks also has her own website.

Just a thought, not a directive. If you cruise the internet for entertainment, this will be, I think, a fun episode with both of these sites.



  1. I went to Minton Sparks website! I love her! She is soo funny. I loved her poem, Jesus, kitties, and flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Glen. Re your comment: two untrained puppies and a bird? I'm impressed, and nowhere near that daring!

  3. Thank you my friend, I will pop over and check these out......:-) Hugs

  4. Thanks for sharing Glenn. This is really wonderful.

  5. I think you might like it here.

    Do you recognize him? :)

  6. "I am not a writer nor am I a storyteller". Seriously, Glenn, you have to quit saying that.