Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Education System is Losing Its Mind

You know sumthin' ? I don't build furniture for a profession and I never did...BUT,,as a last minute choice of a senior elective class...Coach Pat "Poogie" Camp's woodshop class has stayed with me more or as much as any other subject that I took,,,building material sales/distribution and caststone manufacturing was the forks in the road that I traveled. Every day I use principles and procedures that I leaned in that wood shop..."If you are gonna do it,,do it right... I have seen the "rubber hammer" do its number in Coach Camp's hand more than once..."Now, put it back together correctly"... Oh and do NOT sweep a big chunk of wood into the sawdust collection system... Reckon?

Mike Rowe has something here,,, less than 2 minutes to watch

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reverently Remembered

Seventy seven (77) years ago yesterday, shortly before school turned out for the day, an event happened that changed the life of East Texas forever.
I graduated from this high school in 1968 therefore I knew none of the students or teachers from that fateful day.  I do know some of the relatives of the survivors.  It was not talked about very much when I was in school, the pain was still too great.  It is also too painful of a memory today, but more is written about the event and I think it is important that we pay homage to the ones that lost their lives that day.

Google "New London School Explosion" for more reading and click on link for a local news story.