Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Education System is Losing Its Mind

You know sumthin' ? I don't build furniture for a profession and I never did...BUT,,as a last minute choice of a senior elective class...Coach Pat "Poogie" Camp's woodshop class has stayed with me more or as much as any other subject that I took,,,building material sales/distribution and caststone manufacturing was the forks in the road that I traveled. Every day I use principles and procedures that I leaned in that wood shop..."If you are gonna do it,,do it right... I have seen the "rubber hammer" do its number in Coach Camp's hand more than once..."Now, put it back together correctly"... Oh and do NOT sweep a big chunk of wood into the sawdust collection system... Reckon?

Mike Rowe has something here,,, less than 2 minutes to watch

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