Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Boss" come Look-A-Henuah !!!

Talking to "The Boss":   "Get-n-henuh" and look at this" !!!
It was a rainy early spring Sunday afternoon, The Boss was in the bedroom reading and I was "flipping" through the channels.  It was too rainy to be outside or walk down to the barn.
     I clicked onto the CMT (Country Music Television, I think) and there were two young ladies in a "second time around shop" and they looked right familiar.  I am a Fred Sanford sort of person myself so I stopped there for awhile. Pretty soon they mentioned "here comes Mom and Dad."  They came on to the scene, I raised up in my recliner and hollered " (see opening line).
  "What is it?"  The Boss doesn't like to be interrupted in the middle of a good book.
  "Come in here and see if this is who I think it is."
  "Just tell me what you think."
  "No, get in here."
Me getting the Evil Eye, she came into the den. 
   "Who is that?" 
   "I can't see.  I have on my reading glasses."
    "It's Phillip Sikes."

Some of you that read this who are from my area will know him and his family from A. J.'s Pizza in Overton, Texas.  That was where I had a one horse lumber and hardware store when I first moved back from South Carolina.   My Yankee and far off friends would not have had the pleasure of ever having one of their great pizzas.  That time era was fifteen (15) years ago and I had not seen or talked to Phillip since they moved from Overton so you should be able to imagine the grin I had on my face.

This past weekend The Boss and I took a "no plans" mini-vacation to Bastrop (Texas)and surrounding area.  On the way back Saturday, I saw a sign "Round Top Road".  Sliding gravel and a little too tight right turn we were headed to Round Top, Texas.  Good directions from a local and five minutes, we turned into the Junk Gypsy store.  Phillip and gang were not there but we had a great time browsing the store and talking to the very friendly and helpful staff.  We got there late but had about 30 minutes to look around and get suggestion on a great place to have supper and a local bed and breakfast.  I left a note, fake pizza order, and my telephone number. 

We call the lady for the bed and breakfast:  "We are in Brenham and are going to a movie in a little while and yes we happen to have one room open.  No there is no key, it is unlocked, first room at the top of the stairs.  Just leave the front door unlocked for the others, we don't have any crime in Round Top."

Phillip and I had a great telephone chat today and I am looking forward to getting back in that area.  In the meantime, take a few minutes and do some "Google-ing" and see how much fun you will have seeing how a couple of young ladies and their parents dropped what they didn't like and started doing what they love.  I heard many times, "do what you love and you will never work a day in your life"
Their second season is scheduled to being June 12.

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  1. Very cool, Glenn! I checked out their Website--gotta love all those boots!