Monday, July 7, 2014

Back At It

I am sometimes called a procrastinator but I think I might change that; maybe. 
A couple of years ago I wrote a blog "Ok, Imma Biting It Off".

I told all-ya'll that I might need a litte encouragement in getting started on this project because I had so many on hold.  Well, I haven't heard much out of any of ya, but the last couple of weekends I have been busy getting started.  The "going" is a little slower than I would like but I will try to keep on working as time permits. 

I know I have been slack in posting, but I keep and eye out for you every day, so let me hear.
( I am having a dickens of a time getting the photo of my progress to transfer to the post, so what the heck, you all have a good imagination,,,reckon?


  1. Does this mean The Hotel is nearly done? Or is the sign inspiration to get a move on it! Either way, I do love the sign--very inviting. :)

    1. heck not, not nearly finished,,,lol,,,just two weekends and I have barely gotten started.. But I always heard the quickest way to finish is to get started,,,reckon?

  2. OK then...get off yer duff and get started.