Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Project

There is still lots of room left for suggestions and comments... reckon?  :)

Just sayin' and wonderin'   ,,reckon?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Anticipated Update on the Hotel

Seems like everyone is super busy now days.  The same goes for me but here I am bringing everyone the up-to-the-minute progress report.

Actually, I do these updates for a reason some may not realize.  I can overload myself with the number of projects I get started with and The Boss says that I will get the project to the "useful" point and then turn my attention to something else.  She might have a point.  I once paneled our den, including new custom molding, but the surround one the front door was not stained, (that is actually a LONG nuther story).  I finally stained the trim three days before we moved out of the then "sold" house.  It was SOME time later than when I put if up.  I only mention this to prove that The Boss is often correct about my nature.

Any how, I started these updates so you folks would have a virtual bit of pressure on me to get this danged thing finished.  I appreciate any help I can get. Oh, anyone can come help me put on the siding, paint, clean-up after my clutter.  I will keep the coffee pot on the stove.

I do appreciate the help,,reckon?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I Stopped Writing ,,,But A New Project (maybe)

I stopped writing...a couple of years back after I had a health hic-up.  I did not stop because I did not feel well enough, it was because I felt so much better,,,I think.  I plan to start back.
   The Blog scene has changed since that time.  A lot of my followers, along with myself, have cut way back or stopped altogether, with their blog posting.
   I have so much to learn about the craft of writing and I enjoy writing.  I am kicking around a "new-approach" to help with this learning process.  
   My "Aunt Sadie" who was an actual, true-to-life "Rosie the Riveter" during World War II, told me on several occasions that everyone  needs one new project going along with others with which you may be working.
   This new project is a website that invites the participation of other writers from the writing group that I belong to, web-friends (writers), and hopefully established writers from other areas.  Writing tips, method or handy-hints that anyone would care to share with others along with interviews both in print and YouTube.  Included would be author interviews, book reviews and links to where authors could sell their stories and books.

Suggestions from individual participants will certainly be considered.

  Your thoughts even though you don't want to participate would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Glenn

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

test to see if photo will upload since change to Google Chrome

Hat Creek Hotel Update