Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Anticipated Update on the Hotel

Seems like everyone is super busy now days.  The same goes for me but here I am bringing everyone the up-to-the-minute progress report.

Actually, I do these updates for a reason some may not realize.  I can overload myself with the number of projects I get started with and The Boss says that I will get the project to the "useful" point and then turn my attention to something else.  She might have a point.  I once paneled our den, including new custom molding, but the surround one the front door was not stained, (that is actually a LONG nuther story).  I finally stained the trim three days before we moved out of the then "sold" house.  It was SOME time later than when I put if up.  I only mention this to prove that The Boss is often correct about my nature.

Any how, I started these updates so you folks would have a virtual bit of pressure on me to get this danged thing finished.  I appreciate any help I can get. Oh, anyone can come help me put on the siding, paint, clean-up after my clutter.  I will keep the coffee pot on the stove.

I do appreciate the help,,reckon?


  1. only if you will help us renovate the new shop. and I think my husband suffers from the same...get it useful but not finished.

    1. Sure, I will help,,soon as I finish up with.....but I would really :)

  2. Hey Mr. Glenn. Looks good! What is the going rate for a room, LOL! Hope you and the Boss are well :)