Friday, April 9, 2010

I Need Help and/or Suggestions

I have read, it seems, that in the Blogging World  100 posts is some sort of marker in the road of number of posts.  At that point an event  of some sort is participated in, such as a contest or "give-away".  If you add the number of previous posts, (that by some freak of nature or some other Un-natural occurance cause them to get deleted) and the number of posts since then, there are over 100.  Ok, some of them are pretty lame, but numbers are numbers.

I need a bunch socail chairpeopleto give me hints of what would be interesting to commemorate such an event.  As many suggestions as can be put into the pot the better I can think about it.  If I get no suggestions, then that will be terrible.. I don't know what my next idea would be, so help me out here,, What do you think???


  1. Congrats Glenn for reaching the 100 post mark! Instead of going the giveaway route, you could invite us all to add a little something to a story that we write together. I've participated with other bloggers in this sort of creative bonding activity. It was fun. You could start with a story premise and we could each give about a paragraph worth of material. It's interesting to see where the story goes. I would talk about it on my blog to get some "buzz" going if you're interested.

    I didn't do anything special for my 100 posts. I'll be coming up to my 400th post soon. I should try to do something too :)

  2. Why not give away some sort of secret recipe? I know you must have one up your sleeve! I LOVE your recipe posts.

    Or what about a story critique? You are on great storyteller, many could learn a thing or two.

    Or what about a seed packet of bluebonnets?

    OR what about a story featuring the winner as a main character?

    OR what about.... endless. Ideas are endless. :)

  3. Glenn,we love you just as you are and I for one need no contest or give aways. We should be doing something for you for all the reading enjoyment you bring. Thank you for ALL your posting and none of them are lame. But I would love to see some pictures of you and your family sometime. Congrats on your blogging and I look forward to 100's more no matter the topic even a quick hello.

  4. A Trip to the Caribbean or nothing... :)

    No? Okay, then, I like all of the above suggestions; surely you could use one of them.

  5. Glenn, I'm with everyone else. Just keep on keepin' on. I'm a fan. There is one thing, though, I'd love to hear you pickin' some Bluegrass.

  6. I'm with Sharon and September Mom. I love to read your posts, and I don't think a giveaway is necessary at all!

  7. I do it as I do birthdays, quietly and privately. I like to squeak by and have it be my own. I'm not so good with celebration that way. It makes my head hurt. Sorry.

    What would you feel comfortable with?


  8. Yea Glenn. Congratulations! I vote with Suzy for a recipe and Sharon for the bluegrass. Thank you for your writing and the time you put into reading mine.

  9. Five lucky winners get to join Glenn in a fireside chat, far from presidential, but close to the heart of the matter.

    I like Septembermom's idea. She gets my vote. And Congratulations Glenn! Amazing you haven't run out of punctuation :)

  10. Congratulations on the 100 post marker.
    I don't know as you need to do anything....
    Just keep being you, and do that Texas BS that we all do so well.

  11. Congratulations on 100 post......I don't think you need to do anything at all. Just keep on being you, sharing your days, thoughts and them all....:-) Hugs

  12. I agree with everyone, no need to do anything other than keep on telling us stories! We're just glad that you're still here after your previous disappearance...look at all the stories we would have missed!

    Well, actually, a new recipe or a video of you playing music would be fun.

  13. I never do these and have no idea what should be done??? Sorry! But congrats on longevity :). I wonder how many bloggers just quit before they hit this mark!

  14. Okay -- when I read you I hear you talking sitting beside a fireplace with the flame popping and crackling as an accompaniment. I understand there is newfangled technology these days that will let you actually put your recorded voice into a blog. What a thought?

    If that disturbs your sensibilities, I think it would be a might nice celebratory gesture to promise at making a stab at another 100.

  15. I would celebrate with a lobster dinner!
    Lindsey Petersen