Friday, August 27, 2010

Boop De Do De - DA DA

“Know where the FedEx place is?” The Boss asked off handedly.

“There are fifteen in town, which one?” (Actually about 3, maybe 4)

“Well, I need to pick up something. They tried to deliver it and we weren’t home.”

“What wuz it?”


Two things here. (I have learned to read between a few lines over the last fortyumpteen years.) Well kinda one, with a couple of subplots. It was something that we didn’t really need or it was a surprise for me, which I probably didn’t need because I have about everything I need already.

“Why can’t we wait ‘till tomorrow?”

“Cause, I said.”

“Well then, I guess that settles it.” It is usually settled before I get to put in my suggestions anyhow. Reckon?

A couple of clicks on The Boss’s I-Phone and we had the correct location in the crosshairs. Only waiting an unreasonable period of time, we were handed a cardboard box with a label that had more inscription than the Magna Carta, but we were off. One step outside the door the boss handed me the box.

“Here, happy birthday.”

“It ain’t my birthday yet.”

“If you don’t take this, you may not make it.”

I gingerly took the box and saw the word Apple on the label in various places. I will have to admit, I sorta, kinda figured out what was in the box. I was, for real, excited. I opened the box and inside was a special edition, candy apple red I-Pod with my name inscribed on the back. I was, for real, excited. I know I said that already. I am really hard to buy for, according to my girls and The Boss, but this hit the target. I wore out a Zune so this was a great surprise. I don’t download a lot of songs, but I am a big fan of podcasts and especially old radio shows. Mysteries and Orson Wells classics are great to listen to. I have found that by listening to these old programs, it can generate ideas for writing and scene setting. Some are pretty “hooky pooky”, but fun just the same. There are several websites that offer these to download for free or a donation of some amount.

Another new adventure came in the form of a credit card looking piece of plastic. It was what ya’ll already know about as an I-Tune card. I actually learned how to “redeem” its value and trade it for real music. Now ain’t that somethin’? I am still a traditionalist and I like to have the CD or album on hand, but this does seem pretty easy. During my first year of school we had what we called and “assembly program”. The student body had the opportunity to watch a movie in the auditorium. The movie starred Jimmy Stewart in “The Glenn Miller Story”. Even today if it comes on TV I am glued to watching it again.

One day last week I was wrestling with a bunch of junk at the office and I took a break and ordered some Glenn Miller tunes with that I-tune bunch of folks. Now that is “slicker that greased owl…”, well never mind, but it was easy. In a matter of not time, I was tapping my foot and in a much better mood. Those songs never get old to me. You might not have the tune handy so I went out on the YouTube and found this old clip from the real Glenn Miller and if you have a few minutes give it a listen. I bet you can help yourself from tapping your foot and singing along.

Boop De Doo De Daa Daa


  1. Jimmy Stewart. June Allison (Alyson?) -- It is still one of my favorites. And you have given me a goal...create a CD of those oldies...'Stompin' at the Savoy', 'Swing, Swing, Swing'....'Sentimental Journey'. I think I've strayed too far from me roots and I need to be pulled back. Congratulations on your new IPod and the story to go along with it.

  2. I just love how you tell these stories.
    I think The Boss must be pretty crazy about you!

  3. What a great gift, and I'm bettin' you'll put a lot of miles on that i-pod! I'm a big fan of the oldies, too, and have a cd collection of Glenn Miller tunes.

  4. That was awesome! I love the old big band sounds; Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Les Brown and his band of renown---am I dating myself here??
    And Milton Berle was in that video!

  5. Look at the old codger sporting hi-tech!!!! I have the same iPod Glenn....candy apple red (like there could be another color choice) and my name inscribed on the back. iTunes gift card? Fricken gold my friend. FREEDOM. Surf. Buy. Oh how I love it. I am giddy for you!!! Smile. Smile.

  6. I didn't have to listen to this song. As I read this post, I was back in grammer school, at my grandmother's house on a Sunday after church, watching this movie on a black and white TV...and loving it. Enjoy your IPod Glen, they are magic!

  7. Glenn, someone done stole yer old fashioned self and put some new fangled version in its place. I-pods and I-tunes and I-don't know what all else:) Happy Birthday. It's good when those loved ones hit the mark!


  8. I know that you're going to love it! I love mine :) Happy belated birthday my friend!!

  9. Years since I heard that :)! Happy Birthday, late!

  10. Have I ever mentioned you leave the kindest comments? You do! THANKS :).

  11. this music...
    Please help me out...what kind of ipod did you get...I been wanting the ipod touch...
    Aw shucks, I don't know what to get????
    and you do leave the kindest comments. Picked up my spirits many a time...