Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now What?

It ain’t just me that says “I am too old to change my routine and way of thinking”. A lot of people say that about me. Oh, don’t take up for me, I like it that way, but I am a reasonable person. I will listen; up to a point.

I am a traditionalist. A week ago last Saturday, The Boss and I went to a high class restaurant for lunch. Actually it was Chic-fil-a, but the food and service is always great. As we were driving out of the parking lot, a young girl was being escorted across the pavement to their awaiting four wheel drive pickup. (It is a law in Texas that says you have to have a least one pickup in the family. ) They continued on to the passenger side of the pickup and he opened the door and she climbed (literally) into the cab. Cars were lined up behind our van but I stopped and put the gear shift leaver into park.

“Oh Lord, what is it now?” The Boss was looking around with a look of concern before looking back at me.

I opened the door and stepped out of the van.

“Hey Dude, I appreciate you opening that door for that little ole girl. You don’t see that much now days. Keep on doin’ that.” By that time, The Boss had gotten over her worry that I had been overtaken by a fit of parking lot rage and she figured out what I was talking about. Not wanting to be outdone, (The Boss has learn to come out of her shell over the years) she rolled down her window and put in her “two cents” worth.”

“Yes, thank you. She appreciates that and you both will in the long run.”

Both the kids were looking at us like two old people that had wandered away from “the home” but he finally acknowledged us.

“Uhh, Ok, sure, ya’ll are welcome.” Both of them gave a timid wave and he walked around and got into the driver’s side.

What does this have to do with the VIDEO on this post? Well, it is a stretch, but it has to do with my old fashion traditional habits. The Boss and all the Young’uns have Kindles. They all have tried to talk me into letting them get ME one of those things. I like “books”; kraft paper, soft cover, hardcover, new, used, paper dust-sneezing, dog eared “Books”. BUT, times are changing.

I know that, but none of this started out to be about me. I saw an article on the Huffington Post and I went to YouTube to get the video and I thought about a lot of “You” out there, who at one time or another has talked (grumbled) about how hard it is to get published. I watched the video and wondered that I may be too strict with my old ideas about books and the publishing industry. I suppose that I started with this hobby so much later in life than most of you folks, that I don’t spend a whole lot of time, or any, thinking about getting some of this junk I write published, but in true reality, I have always been in favor of innovation of most any kind.

Watch this short news clip. I found it inspiring in that I have always enjoyed working with people and watching them improve and move forward toward goals they have set for themselves. I haven’t done much research on the “how to” part of this new approach but it is worth, In My Book,- a look.


  1. Whoa! whoa and whoa. That's absolutley brilliant! Wouldn't fit everyone. My god, you'd have to self market. (suddenly, i have hives) but for her writing and especially who she is selling to, freaken awesome.

    LOVE you taking the time to recognize value in people - the door opening thing. it's a gift right back to you, isn't it? i feel it that way when i engage, when i see and say.


  2. Well,there you go Glenn,give it a shot........and that's coming from an "old dog".

  3. Wow! That's amazing! It gives me hope. I've had my blog published on Kindle, but not much luck yet.

  4. Hmmmm,,,you aren't talking to me, are you?

  5. I love the smell of books....printers ink especially, and also the moldy dusty smell of the old ones. New. Old. Opposing ends. Not much use in smelling a middle age book. There's nothing to it. Pulp smell perhaps. But who likes that. New. Old. Don't think a Kindle smells like much.

  6. There's hope for us all then! Still can't beat the smell, dust and feel of a book tough..Jae :)

  7. wow, glenn -- this is very interesting to learn about. thank you for sharing this writer's success story and her experience with this whole new world of publishing!