Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, - Five Star Event

Dang, I feel like ToTo riding in Dorothy’s basket. It has been hectic. I need to settle in and catch up to date with ya’ll. The Annual Angelina River Bottom Exhibition (fishing trip, remember the pirate’s chest) is this coming weekend, actually starting Friday, so I will be tied up for a few more days.

One thing that has gone on around the old house place was this weekend’s festivities. A few months back, The Boss and I were riding around after we had our breakfast at the “Egg & I” and we were talking about the holiday events where we “dote” over our girls. Then we got to talking about our “towheaded” son’s in law. I thought and eventually spoke out loud.

“I think I am gonna declare a holiday for the guys.”

She said, “What in the world are you talking about?”

“We are gonna pick out a weekend and name it Son-In-Law Day.”

“Do you think they will go for that?”

“Ain’t gonna tell ‘em about it.”

“What? You are going to just announce it and they are going to come running up just because you said so?”

“Yep, especially if we don’t tell THEM. The girls will make ‘em show up, especially if I throw in a steak or any other kind of supper.” A supper nice restaurant here called “Jakes” was the destination, so they had us a nice place for 10 prepared right on time.

I was right. They showed up just a twisting and a squirming wanting to know what is all this about. The girls didn’t even know “what” was planned.The only little surprise was that the girls didn’t let out the secret about “why” we all got together for what seemed to be no reason. I had a couple of walnut plaques made stating they were “Five Star Son in Laws” and a wooden pen set with their names lasered into them. I fixed up this declaration for a Justice of The Peace friend of mine to read but he had to change his plans so the young lady that was the hostess was “convinced to read this to the room of diners.  Each one got his copy with the "officail" Red Ribbon of Authenticity on the front.  The two boys just about fell out of their chairs. The fact that the girls had kept such a good secret made the whole event work, plus the fact that they are REALLY “Five Star Son-In-Laws”. The additional fact that they are afraid of me doesn’t hurt. 

Here is the Declaration “Hear Ye, Hear Ye”, and I will update tomorrow with some pics.


  1. Oh my goodness, Glenn! You had the hostess read that aloud in the restaurant!? Well, that's all really sweet and warm and fuzzy (really it is--you are like the best father-in-law ever), but if I were one of your SIL, I would never trust you in a public place again! LOL!

  2. That is just too nice! What a great thing to do!

  3. awww, such a good idea, Uncle G. You're a Five-Star Father-in-Law. :)

  4. A fine tribute and even finer presentation. I applaud you.

  5. yer roots run fine and mighty deep. steak! wish i was a man and had married me one of your'un.

    you're a sweet man, glenn. you're living mighty fine.


  6. Such a sweet thing to do for them!

    Thanks for creating my first big smile of the day!

  7. You are quite something Mr. Glenn. You make everyone want to be a relative of yours and The Boss. Love the declaration. I remember I made a certificate of adoption once and gave it to my biological father after I met him. We made him an official part of the family. Even though it is not authentic, such offerings have power.

  8. That's really a very nice thing to do for the guys. The declaration is awesome. I'm smiling from this post :)

  9. Glenn, I'm late as always getting here...but I LOVE this! You are such a kind man. Thank you for sharing this and sharing yourself with us.

  10. More than a month too late... just read this and loved it. Particularly learning that your real name isn't Glenn, but "Big Paw"!