Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hank and Billy Ray (Pork Chops and Collard Greens)

If you don't remember or have forgotten, this link to an earlier post, "PaPa" will brief you on what's happened and this is the next attempt at ,, well you know what I am doing here,, lol

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After Door Smash(Not real title of chapter)
What the…Hazel do you have a towel or something?”  Hank didn’t wait for a response.   He grabbed a dish towel that had been on top of the beer sack.  “Hurry, this is not going to help for very long.  Damn, Hazel, I need something to stop this bleeding.  Hurry.  Hazel? Damit it!”  The flow of blood had slowed but the compress was becoming saturated.  Hank finally looked around the room.  Billy Ray was sitting in the floor leaning back on his stiff arms.  “Where the hell is Hazel?”
“She gone.”
“Gone?  Where the hell too?”
“I don know.”
“Did you see her leave?”
“She did’n leave.  He snatched her up by the arm and yanked her out the door.”
“Did she say anYthing about who he was or where they were going?”
“Nope, she look like she was dumbstruck.  Did’n say nothing, jus gone.”  Billy Ray looked like he had a dose of the dumbstuck. Hank was a little bewildered himself. Angelique seemed to be waking up.  Hank tightened his hold on her as she started fighting against him.
“Hold still Angelique.  You have been injured.  We gotta get you to a hospital.  Where the hell is a hospital?  I better call an ambulance.  Ya’ll got a phone.  Hell no, I forgot.  Billy Ray run downstairs and call the operator.  Tell her we need an ambulance.  You gonna have to ask the folks in the bar what the address here is.  You got any change?”
Billy Ray, still looking like he was in shock, shook his head from side to side.  “Nooo, besides, I am not sure I should be the one to go down there.  It’s about to get dark and, well I just don’t know.”  He gave Hand a look of embarrassing worry.
“Here, hold this in place, don’t let the blood start gushing again.  I think I have some coins.”
“Give me a pencil and something to write on.”
Both men jumped from surprise and turned their attention to the girl.  Her eyes were still closed but she seemed to be aware of the conversation.
“Don’t call an ambulance.  I need my grandmother here.  I’m not going to any hospital.  I will write her phone number down if you will give me a pencil and paper. When you get her on the phone, you are going to have to talk slow.  She speaks English but she understands better if you talk slow and in short sentences.  Tell her what happened and she will know what to do.  She is a doctor…of sorts. She has the things that I need, but the sooner would be better.  You will have to go pick her up, she don’t drive.  It’s not very far and easy to get there.”  Angelique was becoming more awake but the effects of her injuries were coming to the surface too.
“I’ll be right back. Billy Ray, hold the bandage tight and talk to Angelique and try to keep her awake.  Angelique, don’t worry, I will find her and it will only be a little bit before I get back.”


  1. Gosh Glenn, there's a whole lot of chit-chatting going on here, given there's a woman who seems to be bleeding to death! I'm not sure if you meant it to be funny, but it sort of came across that way,,,

  2. You do such a great job with dialogue! This is really a good piece of writing!

  3. Oh my. Such a cliffhanger! Billy Ray ain't much help. But Angelique is quite intriguing! Yay Glenn....look at you getting your story tellin' on! Love it.

  4. Well, that's quite a little story there.
    hope you and yours are well.

  5. wow.....this leaves you hanging on the edge, that's for sure!

    and i love "billy ray looked like he had a dose of the dumbstruck" - great stuff!