Friday, June 29, 2012

A fun Place to Drop By and Visit "Tin Star Ranch Hand"

A few weeks back I re-upped my Facebook account and was reunited, rather quickly, with some of my old high school buddies.  I think I am joined in opinion with almost all of them that we had a  unique friendship amongst us all.  We all had very fond memories of each other and our teachers.

One of these folks spent his career with the Texas Department Public Safety, one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the state and in my opinion any where,,,but that aint the point.  He has had a Blog for quite sometimes and it has some very good (interesting and humorous) stories.  It's hot and you may not want to go outside and play in the heat of the day, so I recommend that you drop by and say "howdy" to the old TIN STAR RANCH HAND.  I think the pleasure will be yours.  Tell him that old Glenn Bert "sent'cha"


  1. I will certainly pay him a visit! Nice to see a post from you again!

  2. Dang son....I am sincerely flattered...and grateful that you share my feelings about the relationships we shared in the past....that will always be a special time to me with special friends...."toodlums"

  3. Facebook? Heh heh. EVERYONE is on facebook. Sheesh...I bet even ghosts have a facebook page. And even if they don't...we bring 'em along.