Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Is NOT a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling,,Book

This is NOT a warm and fuzzy feeling book.  It is an exercise in Brinda Carey's healing process descibing an incredible story that is not an isolated incident.  This situation is more "common" than the "cold".  The Boss is a retired CPS worker and it is a shocking fact that these cases are epicemic in numbers. 

A member of our East Texas Writers Guild, Brinda Carey takes you through her experiences of growing up being "abused"; in several ways. 

In addition to her story, the book is a virtual treasure trove of phone numbers, websites and other ways to connect to groups and associations to help curb this cancer on our society. I bought a book to give away,  I started reading it at the office and continued that night (reading my hardbound copy) until I finished the story.  The soft cover, I am  giving to anyone that asks for it.  If more than one asks for it, I will make a "number lot" and have someone at the office to draw the winning number.

Even if you don't buy the book, (but it is loaded with information on warning signs and other helpful information), please drop by her website and give her a note of support.  The won't take long..

Let me know if you are interested in the "free raffle".




  1. Sad to say, but this is an epidemic that has cursed mankind as long as we've been on earth. Abuse (in all its forms)of children is heart breaking, and the long ranging after-effects last for the entire lifetime of the recipient of the abuse. I've read stories like this before, not as a voyeur or for entertainment, but because I experienced one form of the abuse early in my life, and am always uplifted by another's story of survival. Please put me on the raffle list!

  2. I hope it's okay that I don't want to read it. I can't just now. My own history requires a look back, and that in itself is enough. I commend her bravery in sharing, and I've no doubt it is a valuable and helpful book. The right recipient will find you, and it!

  3. I will indeed visit her website. It sounds like something I may be interested in purchasing.

  4. what makes grown men want to do that to their own children? or any child?