Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"What can I gitya?"

good morning folks,
Ya’ll have become acquainted with me and most of my moods.  I think I am a person with which is fairly easy to get along.  I got a small “gripe”.   Not with you folks and it ain’t a big one.
The Boss and I “eat out” a lot.  I mean a lot.  Hell, I buy her Christmas present in August and hide it in the oven until Christmas.  She ain’t found one yet.  She is visiting our middle daughter so I can talk about her.  Last night I stopped in at Cheddar’s after our writing meeting, for what we call in the South, “supper”.  We visit there on a frequent basis.  To me it is an upscale Dairy Queen on steroids, so you have to give them a little slack.  The food was good last night, and unlike several trips the food was hot. 
A few places that The Boss and I go, the waiter asks us if we will request them to be our waiters on our next trip.  I have two daughters and myself that worked in the restaurant industry in our college days;  I tip fairly, and toward the generous side if the waiter has made a good “showing”.  I am even lenient in what comprises a good “showing”.  Last night, it was only on the third (initial serving) glass of tea that I received the unsweetened version – and – I had to flag a separate waiter to bring the rolls (have to order separately) that I had requested.  The food came and it was good, so I was happy.
So see?  I am reasonable;  knowing that  a lot of youngsters now days see things differently than when I grew up.  I even heard the same things from the old folks when I was young.  “Long haired hippey, when ya gonna get a haircut?”  It was a sight to be seen.  The back of my hair actually touched my shirt collar.  “Them commie-freak Beatles are gonna be the end of our youth.”  I am getting off track here, but I just wanted to show that I understand the older generations misunderstanding of youth. The Boss has accused me of trying to “straighten out” these mislead young’uns with an explanation of what they obviously have missed.  Last night I decided I was going to skip any “lesson session”.
Case in point:  What is the waiter/waitress  thinking?   I haven’t really figured that out yet but I have a theory.  I want to know if any of you have ever experienced this situation.
You get your meal, you get drink refills,,sometimes,, and then you get you check.  That is about it.  Ok, you give the waiter cash.  (If you use credit or debit card then it is a different issue).   You figure the rate of tip 20-30% of food bill, I don’t use the tax as computation.  They bring back the change in dominations  and they are larger than the acceptable tip range.  I wonder how many people just leave the closest smaller amount using the one’s, ie singles.  Ok you may have guessed.  Because my daughters have told me this is the first and easiest lesson you learn when waiting table.  On the average, you are going to end up on the short end of the stick when the table leaves the lesser amount. 
Last night I decided that I was going to just go with the average;  one way she was going to be “shorted”  the other was that I was going to be long.  I was going to just let the chips fall where they landed.  You’re right .  It happened.  But,,these kids work hard and she was “working” instead of depending on someone else to tote her load so I relented.  I skipped the lecture about how this game works against her and let that part go.  I simply asked if she had a single dollar.  The tip should be about 2.60 and she brought back a five and two ones.  The food was good and to her credit there were a lot of people there so I was feeling a little sympathetic and I was going to give her the 5, take the one, and leave her 4.00 instead of the 3.00.  Her immediate response was;  “I brought you the right change.”  Ok, I wasn’t going to give here the “tip” that my daughters had learned early;  you bring small denominations and more often the customer will be more generous. (not my research).  I eventually had to say plainly, “Do you want a three dollar tip or a four dollar tip.”  She actually seemed to stop and have to consider my question.  Then, it seemed like a light went off in her head and she broke out in a big grin and said “ye’uh, four would be better.”  I don’t think it was the case with this young lady, but I am prone to believe that some think that you will always leave the larger, even though you have computed a proper amount.  Should I have explained any of this or just let her go on dealing herself a “short hand”?


  1. One more reason why I put it on the card (tip included) and pretty much always leave 20%--unless the service was atrocious.

  2. Well, I guess you did explain it to her by asking the question. Maybe she went back to the kitchen and pondered your response some and realized leaving the small bills is smarter! What struck me, is I don't know that this has EVER happened to me. Servers always give the small bills which I assumed was to make SURE they got a good tip...perhaps they have to be better trained to survive up here, since I live in Yankee country, and I suppose, we have the reputation of being stingy. :)

  3. I bet she gives out as many singles in change as she can from now on!

    Maybe nobody ever told her, and she was just focused on getting you your food, drink and check.

  4. You could do it the British way and not tip at all..I share The Boss's approach to cookery..ovens make very good storage space.. ;) jae

  5. I hardly ever pay with cash...debit card is my thing.

  6. I think you have a new training occupation :) Today at lunch I had to get my own silverware, was given chips and salsa when I asked not to bring them, and was given the bill from some other table that was 3x as much as mine. Could you come train over here?

  7. Let's add young'uns replying to "Thank you" with "No problem" instead of "Your welcome" (showing my age here no doubt?. For poor service I leave 15%...My max was leaving a $100 dollar bill to a teen gal who gave super service to the bride and I last Christmas eve (and she jumped in our booth and hugged us saying she had been "bummed" about working that night, but we "made her day"!

  8. I think you did great Daddy! You helped her to figure it out on her own. People think they are so smart I tipped that this "dude" at a steak house a dollar one time for this very reason. He irritated me so I didn't bother helping him to see the error of his ways :)
    Love my Daddy! Rachelle (aka, firstborn and favorite) ;)