Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not Politics at Stake Here,,,just OUR PRIVICY and LIBERTY

I know that writing about POLITICS is a BAAAADDDD thing to do on a blog,,but PLEASE Read this and have a comment even if you don't post one.  Am I just being an OLD FOGGIE Codger or does anyone else see this as an intentional chipping away at our PRIVACY and LIBERTIES??



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    1. NO,,NO,, Ms. Eva, i like and am gratgeful for you comments,, in my first draft, i had said that i would not publish comments for privcy sake.. so that i swhy i did that,, I apologize for the mishap..Glenn

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  3. I absolutely agree with you. we are becoming what we thought was horrible and unacceptable in Russia during the cold war. Surveillance cameras everywhere, tiny listening devices aimed at us. there isn't much privacy left here and liberties are shrinking. and the American people are just letting it happen or are mostly unaware of how eroded our rights have become.

    so I see you have removed the two previous comments. did you want comments or not?

  4. I take it you didn't like our comments?