Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Boss,,,Netfix Lady

I had never seen the movie.  The Boss had seen the movie.  She ordered it from Netflix.  We still do the DVD routine.  The movie is 20 years old but it will always be timeless, unless, of course, we should forget.  History should be our teacher.  If you haven't seen it, I will not say, "you should see it".  Each has their own flavor but here is the trailer if you would like to see.

Was it all a hoax?


  1. 20 years ago? i can't begin to explain how quickly it has gone. and yet the movie resides in me as though i saw it only a few years ago. i don't remember the hoax aspect of it but i remember the enduring impression. actually i will have my children watch it soon. they should be aware of such atrocities, and sadly, they are as the atrocities do not lie securely in history but as being perpetrated against many people in so many different ways even today.

    (how are you, glenn? and the boss? best to you all)))


    1. there is no hoax, as far as I am concerned Ms. Erin. It is just that you hear some folks say that none of this ever happened. During the time this was filmed, the US allowed 800,000 to be slaughtered in Rwanda in just 100 days, while we argued over the definition of "genocide".

      I am doing great ms tiny leaf...I am the most fortunate person I have everknown :)

  2. How many of us would be willing to risk our lives like Oskar Schindler and the others?

    The inked numbers on the wrists of the survivors prove that it was no hoax. Evil existed then, as it does now...and has always existed.

  3. Did not see the movie, but definitely do not think there was any hoax.

    Glad to read that you are doing well!