Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where Ya'll Been?

While taking a minute to check in on all you folks after being kind of "absent", I saw this post over at Ron Paul's "Where Sky Meet Ground.." blog.

I am not going to preface this with a "not gonna be a political post", but it ain't, but if we don't think about what Ron and all the other men and women who protect us and our families from danger, then , hell I can't help it. Please visit his site and if I have inadvertently offended anyone..

ookkkayyy,, i will do better next time,,


  1. I went, I saw, I commented. Thank you. I can't believe this was so underplayed. Believe me, I'm not offended....just ashamed of the news media and their priorities lately. What is their deal????? I'm going to link this one too.

  2. Gotta love your spirit.......:-) Hugs

  3. What an amazing hero. Thank you for the link.

    "Newsertainment" is the new opiate of the masses. There was a perverse lesson learned by Washington when the war in Vietnam was televised daily and people became shocked by the true nature of that war. The truth certainly causes controversy and social unrest, but it is the only weapon for freedom available to the people in a democratic society.

    Give 'em Michael Jackson ad nauseum so they don't get upset by anything being done in their name. God forbid we should show our gratitude and respect by televising our brave men and women coming home in caskets after having made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

    Okay, I'm finished pontificating, now. I do feel better, though. And, frankly, I really don't care if I have pissed some folks off. This is too important to not take a stand.

  4. I don't know where I've been. Somehow missed your last two posts on my dashboard. Got tired of waiting for ya, so came straight through a link to see what's up, and I see you are not lost, just not recently found. Off to the next.

    PS. Wandered over to where the sky meets the ground and had a picnic.