Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Write With Pictures - Prompt

Write with picture is a great Blog-Site.  I enjoy it because of the group or team participation.  No FanFare here, just jump over and particpate.

Ms. Kelli works hard and does an exceptional job but she could use more folks to make it "funner". 
This is my Quick Write for the picture prompt for Tuesday.

Photo by Dan

San Antone Rose

Deep within my heart…lies a meellll ohh deee

A song of old San Annnn-tonnne.

The stone bridge arches across the San Antonio River the same since the WPA days. As kids, my sister and I would play down on the River Walk just before dark and watch all the couples walk hand in hand along the shallow waterway. History has a way of adding to the flavor of new beginnings. The mating dances were hardly notice by us two youngsters, more interested with catching frogs.

Where in dreams I liiiiiivvee with a meeem –ooh-riii

Beneath the stars all alone.

Future trips while visiting my Aunt’s brought greater insight and pages of the calendar. The river stayed the same but the participants were more of the equation. There seemed to be less interest in catching frogs, and fireflies. Glances and subtle waves were too much of a distraction.

It was there I found beside the Al-a-mo

En-chant-ment strange as the blue up above.

A moon-lit pass that only she would know,

Still hears my broken song of love.

But weekend visits pass quickly and the mist of memory can grow thin. Thoughts of next summer faded until time drew nearer for the next journey of another visit. The old saying “Take you eye of the prize, it will disappear” has a lot of truth to it. Standing alone silently under the stone arch peering to the far bank of the river, a Texas Swing Band was sashshaying through the Bob Wills hit of 1944.

Moon in all you splendor, know only my heart;

Call back Rose, Rose of San An-tone.

Lips so sweet and tender, like petals falling apart

Speak once a-again of my looovee, my own.

A broken-song, empty words I know

Still live in my heart all a-lone.

For the moon-lit pass by the Aall-a mo,

And Rose, my Rose of San Annn-tone.

Italicized Words and Music by Bob Wills 1944



  1. I like your serenade better than Bob's. I swear you grew up in Mayberry. Your writing always makes me nostalgic for something. Not sure what. Nice piece Mr. Glenn.

  2. It's got a nice feel, glenn. I hear the music in the way that music sounds off of water, a kind of echo to it. That kind of adds to the lonliness of it.

    Loved how you drew the music throughout.

    So he's alone under the bridge. How old is he? And are his hands in his pockets?


  3. AND, Mr. Glenn, Merry Christmas to you and yours this year. I see ya all there gathered together in the kitchen. I see you smiling and shaking your head, someone telling another story, or tweaking one of your stories. Ha! Have a beautiful Christmas. And thank you for always being so kind to me. I carry that, you know.

    much love

  4. Glenn, I love how you responded to this picture prompt, incorporating the song lyrics into your story like a refrain of sorts. I could visualize the scene so clearly. Awesome job once again, my friend. Thank you so much for your friendship and support of my blogs. You're a gem! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family :)

  5. How nostalgic, Glenn...I do wonder who the distracting 'glances and subtle waves' were directed at...you always leave just the right abmount to our imaginations...

  6. Merry Christmas dear friend, and this was a great post.....no end to your talent!....Hugs