Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Blue Crystal"

I love garage sales, yard sales estate sales, rummage sales, resale sales. I probably don’t need to go on and on. Sometimes I do that by accident or on purposed depending on my mood. I found this little jewel in one of those places. Why this particular item, reckon? I couldn’t tell what it was when I first saw it.. You see? Well, you can’t see now. It is broken - kind of. I noticed the base first. It was just sitting there. I thought it was a glass snow flake. But I could not figure out what the blue cone shape next to the snow flake was. Things aren’t always recognizable unless all their parts are stuck in the right places. The two parts should actually be one. The snow flake was a base for the cone when put together made an inch and a half tall, crystal sculpture.

The lady said, “It’s broken so I will cut you a deal on it.”

“Ok, I think a little glue or epoxy will fix it.” I had another use in mind even if I didn’t fix it. “What kind of a deal?”

“I don’t know. Three dollars too much?”

I just kept looking at other things scattered about.

“Ok, I will take two dollars if you are going to buy that book too. I would get lots more for it, if it weren’t busted.” Her eyes peering over her glasses daring me to respond.

“Ok, I’ll take boofum, the book and the do-dad”

She straighten her shoulder, pushed her glasses back upon the bridge of her nose and beamed. “You owe me three dollars.” (with a stern look)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mix the two parts of epoxy together and stir completely and wait a couple of minutes and you will be ready to apply the mend. BUT..

I first had to find  the exact position that would latch the two pieces together for the tightest bond. It took very little effort and I could “feel” where the original bond was set. The blue cone stood erect and in place without me holding it. I then noticed that the blue cone had a face on it. I think it was smiling. It was really a cone, I think. A glass crystal Ice Cream Cone character.

It turns out that it is like most of us. A little help to get our balance, and we can stand on our own. The glue is in our determination and sparkle is in the accomplishment.

THE MORAL of this story,, nothing,, I was going to, and still am’a gonna , put this item in Billy Ray’s Gris Gris bag, ‘cause he is might gonna need it.


  1. It's amazing the little treasures you can find at garage sales!

  2. I had no clue where you were going with this! The first thing I noticed was the 'face', but am wondering what attracted you to it, what purpose did you foresee, other than putting it in Billy Ray's bag? Or was it just because it was 'quirky' (like you)? Or a doodad for your grandkids? It looks like it belongs in the land of misfit toys! I like your analogy, and look forward to seeing what Billy Ray does with it!

  3. Having just watched "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" I'm intrigued to see what Billy Ray does with this too. Your $3.00 would find many worthy purchases in my basement "yard sale" pile...I'm sorry to say!

  4. Love that "a little help to get our balance, and we can stand on our own." Spoken like a kind person and an experienced dad. Oh, and the thingee is definitely strange. That should suit Billy Ray.

  5. Oh I don't know, I kind of like it....I do know I love garage sales, book sales, all sales but what I love most is browsing through everything and enjoying my time at these sales.
    ....:-) Hugs

  6. You know that I never have been to a garage sale? I guess I should check them out. Treasures may await me :)