Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Thanks Coach, I needed that."

Yes, I am still up and around, for the one or two people that still check this site. It seems something is in the air. No really. Dust everywhere I just finished with the vacuum cleaner, trying to straighten this nasty office a little, and it (the vacuum cleaner) spits more dust in the air than it traps. I know, I know, who cares? Ok, me neither. Just trying to explain why I am not working and taking a short break.

What I really am getting at is,, it seems that more and more people are getting tired and discouraged. Maybe it is just me, but it seems that I am reading that the people that I “follow” are putting up the “I am going to stop and take a break” sign”. I did this a short while back. My posted reason may have been a little vague and that is just the way I am, but, I recharge my energy from reading all ya’ll’s posts.

I wonder, if it is not something else. I wonder if, we as a whole, are losing our optimism. Not within ourselves but as a team.( ie, nation) There is a lot of disagreement out in the world. It seems that more effort is being put into the DIS than the AGREE. I have played on a vast number of sport teams and other team organizations. When the “glue” starts to turn loose, optimism goes with it. I somehow have that “feeling”. This morning, I was thinking about one of my favorite teachers and coaches.

Without giving you the long version, we were struggling with team performance. I was in the tenth grade and was on the varsity football team. After one of our many pep talks, he took a piece of poster board and a magic maker and made a sign. He taped it to the wall in the locker room. As far as I know, it may still be there. It was simple. It was to the point. It was true. It was not “deeply mental”. It simply said….

                 “A vicious block on the wrong man is better than a timid block on the right man.”

Translated, to me at least,-- it does not have to be perfect, just do it full steam ahead.--regardless of what it is. I must pay better attention.. Thanks coach.


  1. Well now, that was one good blog...and I think you are right about most of it...One reason I do a blog,(and I freely admit it) is that I like to be affirmed by other ladies who find it appealing. I might be so bold as to say that most, if not all of us want folks to read and
    COMMENT on our blogs. I am thrilled when I get a comment on mine. I have not visiting and leaving comments as much as i first did.I already spend too much time on this computer.
    I think this blog thing can be very cliquish,you are in or you are not. I am disillusioned with just about everything from the blogging kingdom to the present government??
    I enjoy reading your blog..this was one of the best...I think I am just tired of living and 'fraid of dying....glenda
    we have...

  2. I like that! So true! (BTW, you may want to change the bag in that vacuum may be full, which would cause it to spit out more than it picks up!)

  3. I have only been blogging a short time really but I have notice many people are beginning to slow down, including myself.....I love to visit and comment but have not been posting as much as I use's not for any reason other than I have nothing to say.....but I do feel a change in people in and out of blogland, people are acting different. I wonder if they are worried, discouraged or is different out there for sure. Have a great day........:-) Hugs

  4. For me, I am posting less because I have less time. Working 3 jobs now. Optimism??? Never had it. Probably never will. I am the eternal pessimist. I can fool you though...if I try.

    That "something in the air" is a general down and out. I feel it from everyone. All seem to be looking a little lost, or at a loss as to how to help one another any more.

  5. Good quote! Maybe it's the changing season that's got everyone down.

  6. I see it a lot in school this year, too - fighting it, myself (I keep reminding myself that the success is in the "fight," not in the results). The onset of colder weather isn't helping! :)

  7. I've noticed a change just since I started posting less than a year ago. Even just following my short blog list most days finds many posting only every three or four weeks. And I've been reading more than posting (except for my current adoption theme), because I flat out can't think of anything except 'this morning I did the laundry and taught Oliver to sit/stay.'

    I also think there seems to be a trend with people wanting to get away from their computers more - probably realizing that it's an addiction that keeps us from doing real life stuff! And, of course, there is all that pesky added stress of juggling extra jobs or looking for a job or losing your home or no money to buy Rx.

    I don't think that we've necessarily all become pessimists, but that we're tired. And maybe some bloggers have decided that their followers don't want to hear about someone being tired, low, let-down, discouraged, over-worked and over-stressed, that all we want is entertainment and 'woohoo look at me and how funny and entertaining my life is' (though I read those, too). That's a lot to put on someone, to be entertaining all the time. For myself, I go looking for those posts that are 'real', that are authentic and nitty gritty and honest, warts and all, more like my life, more 'differences with the same likeness'!

    Good food for thought post.

    I'm glad you're still sticking in here, Glenn! I think when you left before that it was the throwing the baby out with the wash water that had us upset! You took all those great stories with you!

  8. Great quote. Act and live with passion. Yup.

  9. It does seem like the blog world is changing. I am glad you are back to entertain us, or just to bitch about something important.

  10. Even if it is a "guy quote", I love it's spirit. And yes, I've noticed that there seems to be a slowdown out there. Maybe it's just the time of year: short days, less light, cold weather and approaching holidays (always a bundle of mixed emotions).

    At the risk of seeming sappy, I want to say you were the first person to comment on my blog and affirm that my little scribbles made a connection. I blog because I am trying to find my whole self. Not just the facade I portray to the world. You wading into my stream of consciousness meant a great deal to me. So, to me reading and commenting, can be as powerful as writing.

    Glenn, dust off that keyboard and keep the blog posts (and comments) coming. I've made other connections through those who comment on your blog and hope to continue to be able to do so.