Monday, November 9, 2009

"Is That Your Husband?"

“Get the hell out of here!”. The barkeep was already closing the front door to keep anyone from coming into the bar. “Hazel, get them the hell out of here. I will get someone to clean this mess up. Raoul is going to be pissed.” He grabbed up the receiver on the black cradle type telephone that was resting on the back bar. His stubby fingers slipping out of the dial holes in his haste. Hazel grabbed Hank by the sleeve and yanked it with a motion toward the frosted glass door at the back of the bar, marked Out House.

“Come on, Billy Ray. This can’t be good on any level.”

What the hell was this all about?”

“Later. Now we have to run. I got a place you can go, but we need to go now!” Hazel gave Hank’s sleeve another tug.

Hank followed Hazel through the back door into a tight hall. A single light bulb hanging from an extension cord barely lit the area. Billy Ray was right against Hank, wanting out of there now. An unmarked door with several types of locks and latches slowed Hazel’s progress but it was obvious that she was familiar with the back exit. Sliding and turning the various knobs and levers, she cracked the door slightly and looked outside.

“Do you have a car?” Hazel was peeking around the corner of the building looking first one way and then the other. “Either one of you?”

“My truck is parked a couple of streets over.” Hank was trying to run through his memory to visualize exactly where he had left his pick up. He cautiously step out onto the sidewalk and started a brisk pace north where he could go right at the next street and get his truck. Hazel and Billy Ray followed on his heels. Hazel kept looking over her shoulder while Hank and Billy Ray were looking directly toward where they were going.


“Get in. Those were empty words Billy Ray had already opened the passenger door and shoved Hazel into the middle of the one seated pickup. Hank dropped the key ring two times before grabbing the right one. The old blue truck had a history of starting on the first round with the starter. No disappointment this time. Hank had already driven two blocks when he realized that he didn’t have a clue where he was going. Hazel read his mind.

“Turn right”. The one way sign could have told him that if he had not been in such a frenzy. Another right on Canal Street and they were heading on the way out from downtown and the French Quarter. Hank had the sense to drive in a normal manner. He definitely did not want to attract any additional attention.

“Who was that guy? Was that your husband or boyfriend?” There was still a slight nervous quiver in his voice.

“Hell no.


  1. You know how to write characters. Love the voice you give to them to drive the story. I'm curious to see where this story goes.

  2. A story, either I am behind on...or the beginning of something grand! Easy to picture the befores and afters to this.

  3. I adore the way you write Glen!

    Sorry for the lack of comments. we've had a major tragedy in the family. I haven't the heart to write lately. hopefully soon I'll be back.

    Glad you decided to keep on! *smiles.

  4. I sense a book, and a darn good one at that!

  5. I was hoping you wouldn't wait too long to continue the story ...

  6. It'd be a real shame if you didn't finish this, Glenn...