Monday, March 22, 2010

Bushy Beard is an Ancestor

The rain pelted the tin roof like acorns falling from a giant oak tree.  The weather had turned foul.  Over a century ago a band of pirates led by "Bushy Beard", The Pirate, had been in the process of hiding their treasure when a young boy (Pedro), his dog (Baggywrinkles) and a red headed little girl (Luella Annabella) came upon the bunch and a fracas broke out.  The bandits turned tail and ran before burying their treasure and it was never found.  A map was dropped in the riot and was never discovered... until now.

"The Map" Jump to Seredepitous Surpluses for Video (couldn't get it to upload here)

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To be continued..... Just too much excitement..


  1. The boys are too cute! lol Love it!

  2. glnroz,

    You must be the funnest, most amazing grandfather ever! Those boys look so excited. You are awesome to do this for them. They will remember it forever and likely do it for their children and grandchildren.

  3. Oh but you have a wonderful gift when you put pen to hand my friend........:-) Hugs

  4. What fun! Can't wait to see more.

  5. Ah Jezuz (forgive me if you don't cuss like that but I can't stop cussing) this was so worth waiting for. Farq! Glenn, this is beautiful. I can't stop smiling for a tonne of reasons. The real unabated excitement in those boys and the feigned ignorance of the that you talking? Is that you pretending to stumble over the words? HA! So much fun!

  6. You're a wonderful man and artist!