Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When Ya Get Old..

When you get old your Saturday's are "different".  You have read the story about "The Boss" and me going to Greenville and then on to Denton where we lived when we first got "hitched".  Spur of the moment.  Well, we do movies that way too.  We have breakfast around lunch time, (This week it was at the EGG and I,,maybe I will get a complimentary ticket for that plug) and then we could think of no place to run off to so we decided on a movie.  Saturday tickets are at a discount.  Six dollars each.  That makes twelve dollars for entry fee, but I always outsmart "The Boss".  I drop her off at the ticket booth and go park the van.  See, that way she is tricked into buying the tickets.  I park and we enter the gate and she runs off to the "powder room" while I get refreshments.  They are a bargain at our movie house.  Two Icee's, a box of Milk Duds and a sack of popcorn only came to twenty two dollars and sixy three cents.  Good thing they were out of bottled water, it is only 5.25, but it is a pretty good sized bottle. I wonder who out-smatz who on this deal. reckon?

Anyhow, by not doing a lot of researech on the movie hunt, the movie we choose may not always be as entertaining as we had hoped.  This week we ventured into see RED.
"Retired and Extremely Dangerous".  I have posted a link so I won't go into all the characters that are involved, I will keep this short.

This was fun.  Pure and simple.  Not a whole lot of "cussing" and no neckedness, just fun.  The best I would describe it if I was down at the feed store would be that it is a cross between "Die Hard" ( It does have Bruce Willis in it ) and the "Pink Panther".  Neither of these movies were a big draw to me but the combination made me laugh a little.

If you don't like going to the movies, I doubt it will be too long before this thing is available on Netflix or DVD.  I am not much of a movie critic, but I am hard to please with plot and acting.  It doesn't much matter here, because the fun was laced through out, in my Old Codger opinion.

      click to view trailer


  1. I carry a big purse. Into it goes the soda and candy before we go to the movies. Spur of the moment decisions mean a quick stop to Walgreen's first (they sell movie-type candy).

    When my girls were little, I'd carry a big sweater - and stick a long plastic bag of popcorn from KMart in the sleeve.

    I cheat.

  2. I do the same as June (take snacks with me) That movie trailer of REDS Glenn, have it on my list to see. I love Helen Mirren (spelling) Hope you are safe away from the storms today....Hugs

  3. I don't cheat. I like to buy the horribly expensive movie food. We usually split a bottle of water and a bag of popcorn. It's the experience of seeing the movie in t he theater that I enjoy, though while once I'd see the new movie of the week every week, it's only once a month now.

  4. Okay, then, I'll add that to my list! Thanks for the 'review,' Glenn,,,,

  5. I've been wanting to see RED. Maybe we'll make it this weekend. We have a theater called "Smitty's" where you can eat a meal while sitting in a reclining chair and watch the movie.....it's a lot like seeing it in your living room, except the screen's much larger and they do the cooking!

  6. This is on my list when the DVD comes out. I'm hankering for some simple fun in a movie. And your movie review was just about perfect.

  7. Isn't insane how much a coke and popcorn is at the movies? It is sweet you took her! I can not get my hubby to go to the movies at al!!

  8. I'm jonesin' to see "Life as we know it"
    Hubby won't go....so...
    So glad you are still taking your sweetheart out to the movies...bravo!!!!!

  9. That was a nice time together. Thank you for the recommendation. I love a good movie with heart!