Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Be Happy"

Thank you Ms. Liza for bestowing this award upon me.

What makes me happy? Isn’t it kind of nuts to sit and say, “I don’t now. I never much thought about it.”

I think a lot of us, and I mean me as well, really don’t think about it much. I think we probably spend more time thinking about what makes us unhappy. Do we take happy for granted? (The marble statue of Venus was unhappy with the statue of Hercules. Yep, she felt he took her for granite. Gitit?)

I suppose I could take a movie camera and walking around in circles all day filming. At the end of the day, you would have a movie of all the things that make me happy. The problem with making a list is that one has to “cull” things to equal only ten. And, with all that, I get to number 10 and I have trouble with that one. Now that makes me unhappy. (not really, just to make a point)

Well I have to have a list so here is my list.

My list of “Happy Makers”

1. Thaaa Boss”

2. Myyy Babiesss

3. Myyy Family

4. Myyy Friends and our “gittogethers” see post with “Dumb Bull”

5. Myyy Blogs and Bloggers

6. Myyy Gittarr and fiddles and such

7. BBQ Pork Ribs

8. Work

9. Being “Crafty”. (all kinds) Boat building post….

10. Everything Else

I now bestow this award to the following people. If you have this award already, I have no control over that. (with a smile) I really take this award with more seriousness than my words convey, but I guess I am just in a happy mood today, thanks to Ms Liza over at MIDDLE PASSAGES. Thank you..

Ms. Quiet Commotion  

Ms Wander to the Wayside

Ms In Through the Back Door

Ms. Musing of a Mercurial Woman

Ms. Tales of Ordinary Ordinariness

Ms Monica Manning

Ms. Loud Silence

Ms Aimless

Ms September Mon 

Ok, I am not good at making this list because it will go on forever and I am afraid that someone might get their feeling hurt for being left out. (I still have a few more Paw Paw bags left from Christmas, lol), so there you go. If I left someone out, you are on the list too.

  A Side Note:  Todlems and I had supper together last night.  We went to "visitation" last night for one of our coaches who had passed away. (Not the one in the different stories).We spent a few hours chewing the fat so I decided to repost "Dry Docked" at Serendiptous Surpluses. giver'er a click if you would like to read


  1. Thanks Glen, for the award and for the 180 degree snap out of it. I consider this my official digital Happiness Prod. I'll post my top 10 list first thing tomorrow.

  2. As I said the other day, Yea Glen. You make me happy!

  3. You're a doll, Glenn! It's really quite amazing that I can get my head through a door with all the kudos you send me! I will post your award on my blog with pride.

  4. Thank you so much for this award,it made my day. I will write my list this weekend as I am swamp at the moment. Sounds like you are a very happy man and that tells alot about you,all good.

  5. Thanks for passing the award on to me! I really appreciate it :) My husband would put BBQ pork ribs on his list too!

  6. That is a great Happy List!
    What I want to know is, Where's the boat building post? Have you written one yet (I can't find it, if you did)? or is that to come?