Friday, January 8, 2010


One of my first posts,,Response to One Minute Writer prompt: "Breakfast"
Future reposts of old stories will probably be at Serendipitous Surplus' 

The worn pine boards were cold on his warm feet. Years of foot traffic had polished the rough cut sawmill boards to a glassy smooth surface. The early morning sun reflected like jeweled crystals through the single window of the log cabin that had been built many years before the Great War. A late frost had settled over the pine tress pushing the radiance of the rays onward into the small lean to kitchen that had been erected a quarter of century after the main room had been laid up from hand hewn virgin pine timber.

Stepping down into the kitchen area, the sound of sizzling bacon and the aroma of freshly baked “flitter”, a cornbread like bread, except flour instead of cornmeal is used, permeated throughout the room. A plate of scramble eggs and a glass of milk were already placed on the hand crafted eating table. A brightly color “oil cloth” was used as a covering. Pouring the Blackburn syrup over the hot bread brought forth a smile of anticipation. Taking the first bite, the young boy closed his eyes to savor the combination of flavor and texture. It was always a wonderful way to start his day.

As I opened my eyes, the glare of the harsh overhead light caused my eyes to flutter. Any place along the interstate would have been the same.. I put down my fork, paid the check, and continued my journey.


  1. If this is a repeat, it must have been before I found you. I could tast that syrup and smell the bacon!

  2. I'm so hungry right now, I'm going to go and make some French Toast......Have a great weekend my friend.......:-) Hugs

  3. oh, how a day to start that way could be an eternity of bliss...sigh you did a great job with discription and flow

  4. ohhhh, i like it, i like it!
    i like it alot. of course, i'm partial to log cabins, oil cloth and anything smothered in syprup.
    (i'm good. don't worry.)

  5. Love a story with "texture". You really know how to make someone hungry :) Awesome imagery.